Rules for our tennis courts!

1. The core hours are 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
2. During the core hours, the usage of a court on your own (e.g. ball serving machine) is prohibited.
3. During the core hours, one hour for single or two hours for double. If the court is not booked by someone else, you may continue using it without booking.
4. When booking a court, all names are to be listed. The first name is sufficient if it is clear who is meant, if not please add as many letters of the last name as needed.

5. Bookings can only be taken 7 days in advance.
6. When training with Andy, no booking is required, due to the 3rd court being blocked already.

7. Faulty or incorrect bookings will have to be cancelled and rebooked.

Bookings violating these stated rules will be cancelled by the administrators.

Thank you for your understanding!