Welcome by TC Rotation Friedrichsfelde e.V

Tennis is for everyone!
Whether you are a beginner, returnee or advanced. From junior to senior.
We fullfill every interest. Turn it up, stay fit.
Our facility is near the subway station Friedrichsfelde. There is a great
connection to the local traffic via subway line U5 or bus line 396.
Fun, nice conversations and friendly people are free (:

Did we catch you?
We offer trial lessons under arrangements for you!
E-mail: TC.Rotation.Friedrichsfelde@gmail.com

Our Membership Fee
Full paying members will be charged an entrance fee of 100 €.

170 € Annual Subscription:
130 € College Student until 30
100 € Students and apprentices until 25
75 € Children until 18
280 € weekly training with a professional coach
110 € Board members
60 € passive members (sustaining member
under the acceptance of the Board management)

*10 hours per year are supposed to be spent on maintenance work in general and/or restoring the tennis courts especially in the beginning and the end of the season. In case the member cannot manage to contribute 10 working hours there will be charged 10 € per missing hour instead.